The Review

Our process involves seeking from the Board or Council a strong sense of what they intend their governance role to be and reviewing their collective performance against their own goals. During the process, Board Diversity will seek to prove the attainment level of your Board or Council by reflecting on the actual work that is undertaken by them and then partnering with you to address the findings of the review.

Our Review offers an independent assessment of current Board or Council capacity based on the diversity of present  Membership. Rather than focusing on individual Member contributions, we report on the ability of the Board or Council as a whole to engage in areas that are key to success in the independent educational setting.

Our reviews focus and report on:

  • Culture and Context: Does the Board or Council value diversity at board level and is the membership of the Board or Council diverse in terms of its knowledge, skill, experience and background? Are differing Member opinions encouraged by the Board or Council and how confident do  Members feel in raising new perspectives?
  • Governance and Action: How well does the Board or Council, as a whole, understand its governance responsibilities and do its decision-making processes reflect its responsibilities? Does the Governance Charter (or equivalent) effectively state the expected actions of  Members? How well does the Board or Council act in accordance with this charter?
  • Alignment and Relationships: Does the Head/Principal/Chief Executive act in accordance with the boundaries set by the Board or Council or does he/she push the boundaries? Does the Board or Council have a strategic plan in place and are Board/Council Meetings reflective of the strategic plans and strategic priorities?
  • Strategy and Policy: How appropriate are the Board or Council governance policies and are they implemented effectively? How appropriate are the organisation's management policies and are they implemented effectively?
  • Knowledge and Outcomes: Does the Board or Council, as a whole, have the skills required to govern the Organisation effectively and do the their actions contribute positively to the development of the Organisation? Do individual Members have the skills they require to positively contribute to the governance of the organisation and can  Members demonstrate having actively contributed to policy and governance matters?