School Reviews

‘Bringing together a diverse range of skills and experience is an important aspect of good governance and a pre-requisite for a constructive and challenging board.’ (AICD)

The performance of your School Council is critical to the continued development of your School. However, we know that creating high performance boards can be challenging which is why governance reviews are critical and Board Diversity Governance Reviews were designed.

Our bespoke Governance Reviews offer independent schools and other 'not for profit' organisations an independent assessment of their current board capacity. Unlike other reviews that focus on individual Council Member contributions, we report on the ability of the Board as a whole to engage in areas that are key to success. Our Review process elicits from Councils a strong sense of what they intend their governance role to be and measures their collective performance against their own goals and the actual work undertaken by the Council – a concept we call 'Proven Governance'.

Furthermore, we believe that having a truly diverse Council means that the decisions you make and the policies you develop are likely to be more sustainable and lead to new approaches or initiatives being taken. This is why, as part of our Review, we undertake a full audit of your Council's skills, their capacity, and their understanding of their governance responsibilities, with the view to deepening the strength and diversity of the Council and its decision-making processes.

Together, we would very much like to partner with your Council. Please contact either Phil Bell or David Schwarz for a confidential conversation about how we might be able to help.

David SchwarzManaging Director of Board Diversity, is an experienced NFP board member (Ecclesia Housing) and has been recruiting board members and advising boards on succession planning for 8 years in Australia in the UK. Ph: 0479 196 058  E: [email protected]

Philip Bell OAM leads our Governance Reviews. As the previous 11year Chair of Abbotsleigh, Deputy Chair of the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation, Board Member of the Association of Independent Schools NSW and current Chair of Crusaders, he is well versed in how to lead an effective School Council. Ph: 0407 008 351  E: [email protected]