The Survey

After we have taken a brief from you - to understand your context and particular challenges - we issue our online governance survey to your Members. You needn't do anything. It is all done online so Members can complete it at their leisure. We, on your behalf then notify Members of the survey process and follow up those who may have forgotten to complete it.

We know that every School and Not for Profit is unique. Which is why every survey we conduct is bespoke.  However, each survey has at it's core the following aspects of board governance:

  • Board Diversity
  • Board Functioning
  • Board Member Performance
  • Board Vision & Alignment
  • Board Strategy
  • Board Policies
  • Board Sub-Committees
  • Performance & Board Oversight
  • Member Contribution
  • Board Relationships & Communication
  • Board Stakeholders
  • Board Reputation
  • Board Training
  • Succession Planning

Following the full completion of the survey then we analyse the results and provide a comprehensive report to the Chair and then to the Council or Board itself.

Because we know that no organisation is as similar to you as you were the year before, the findings of our survey can be benchmarked against itself year on year - clearly measuring your collective governance performance and improvements.