Other Services

Additional Board and Council Governance Services include:

• Policy Appraisals:
Reviewing all governance policies to ensure they are current and relevant. Making recommendations for reviewing existing policies or establishing new policies to meet current governance standards.

• Policy Development:
Assisting the Council or Board in updating existing policies to ensure currency. Preparing additional policies that ensure all governance obligations are being met.

• Council Retreats & Facilitation
Assisting the Council or board in preparing for a Strategic Planning Retreat. Planning agendas, researching relevant material, providing a reading list, organizing staff presentations and facilitating the meeting time. Providing a written report of the Retreat.

• Strategic Planning
Assisting the Board or Council in reviewing the Organisations Vision and Mission Statements. Preparing strategic initiatives, documenting strategic goals, establishing performance criteria and documenting the Plan for circulation.

• Succession Planning & Recruitment
Assisting the Board or Council in identifying the skills and abilities required on a governance body. Documenting existing skills base. Preparing skills list for future appointments. Reviewing leadership positions. Providing position descriptions as appropriate. Assessing candidates and providing recommendations.