About Us

‘Bringing together a diverse range of skills and experience is an important aspect of good governance and a pre-requisite for a constructive and challenging board.’ (AICD)

Board Diversity’s Governance Reviews provide an independent assessment of the capacity of boards and Councils based on the diversity and experience of present board membership. Rather than focusing on individual Board member contributions the reviews reflect the collective contribution of Board members with an eye to developing and enhancing performance in order to develop an ongoing programme to ensure Board responsibilities are being met.

Successful Councils  & Boards are required to achieve in an ever-expanding range of areas. They need to provide clarity about their strategic direction and their shared vision in order to make decisions that will develop and enhance their School. So, creative decision-making must exist alongside the need to stay focused on the essential responsibilities that are legally required from every Council or Board.

We know that creating a high-performing, sustainable and effective School Council or Not for Profit Board can be difficult. To build performance and enhance your organisation, the modern board should manage its risk profile and seek to improve its performance by seeking the benefits of and independent and regular governance review with an organisation you can trust and has the experience to really help.

Our Governance Reviews have been created in the belief that diverse School Councils and Not for Profit Boards have the ability to create and make better decisions. We offers a range of services that: review the performance of your Council or Board; reflect on the collective contribution of Council members with an eye to develop and enhance performance and; can develop a programme of practical support that ensures member responsibilities and ambitions are being met.